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TUSUR is one of the leading engineering universities in Russia, located in the intellectual heart of Russia and Siberia – the city of Tomsk.

TUSUR is a young university, ambitiously striving for leadership and global presence in education and research. 13 thousand students study at our 13 faculties. Relatively small size allows the university to be mobile and quickly adjust to changes becoming stronger and more efficient.

TUSUR was one of the first Russian universities to transform the educational process, introducing project-based learning and enhancing research and innovative components of academic work.

ECTS center established at TUSUR coordinates student exchange and ensures adequate transfer of credits obtained abroad in accordance with standardized international documents.

TUSUR was also the first Russian university to start implementing a complex development model that focuses on entrepreneurship in addition to two traditional university missions, i.e. education and research. In the course of the last decade TUSUR has created a network of innovative companies founded by its alumni. Today this network comprises 125 companies.

In 2004 a student business incubator was established at TUSUR, which gave rise to 15 hi-tech start-ups created by university students.

TUSUR constantly expands its global presence by implementing projects of international «technology and knowledge transfer bridges». Today there are several such «bridges», namely California-Tomsk, Toronto-Tomsk, Nuremberg-Tomsk. They offer new opportunities to enter foreign markets with end products of Tomsk enterprises, commercialize R&D products of TUSUR researchers and attract foreign investment.

TUSUR takes part in large-scale international programs, such as EU-Russia Cooperation Program, INTAS, TEMPUS, DAAD, CRDF – to name just a few.

TUSUR carries out research in partnership with foreign universities. More than 20 universities expressed their intention to pursue long-term cooperation with TUSUR in education, research and development. German, Dutch, French, Italian, British, Finnish, U.S., Canadian, Chinese, South Korean, Vietnamese and Israeli research organizations collaborate with TUSUR in various fields. For instance, partnership with Delft University of Technology (TUDelft, the Netherlands) resulted in creation of the Siberian branch of the International Research Centre for Telecommunications-Transmission and Radar (IRCTR-S) at TUSUR in 2002.