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Alumni entrepreneurs about TUSUR

Evgeny E. Teplyakov

General director and founder of the limited liability company «Elcom+» (Tomsk)

In 2006 «Elcom+» opened a research laboratory at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. It was to train staff for «Elcom+» and to develop software applications for mobile communication systems of the Motorola Company (USA) and land-based telecommunication systems Tabiran Telecom (Israel).

– What did you gain from your studies at TUSUR?

«We were given the toolkit and theoretical basis which allowed us to build up our knowledge later», Evgeny Teplyakov says. «We were taught to think strategically and pursue our goals persistently. Therefore, TUSUR became a school that helped me define my life».

Valery I. Levchenko

Director of Research Institute of Instrument Making (Omsk)

«It is noteworthy that nearly all TUSUR alumni hold high positions not only at our Research Institute, but also at numerous Russian enterprises. I believe that one’s personality is the most important factor, whereas education is a tool that one should be able to apply properly.

…I am sure that TUSUR is the best university in Siberia and one of the best in Russia. If such universities as TUSUR remain and continue training competent innovative engineers, who define scientific and technological progress, then we will, no doubt, overcome all difficulties and become a technologically advanced country.»

Sergey N. Ulyanov

Director of «Tom Ltd.» (Tomsk)

Most senior students of TUSUR combine their studies with part-time jobs and know exactly where they would like to work after graduation. And this is an important achievement of TUSUR faculty and staff. They direct students to the most in-demand professions and science-intensive innovative companies. Mr. Ulyanov is convinced that TUSUR Student Business Incubator is the best among Tomsk organizations training specialists in this field. This incubator teaches young people to start their own business relying on their own efforts and not hoping for charity.

«Nowadays there are many incentives for a student to study hard, to rely on one’s common sense and knowledge», Mr. Ulyanov says. «This is the only way to achieve something. And TUSUR provides all conditions required for that».

Sergey V. Chirikov

President of the «EleSy» board of directors (Tomsk)

At «EleSy» we never forget our university, where everything started for us. This is more than just nostalgia. No science-intensive company can do without new people and ideas coming from universities. And people at «EleSy» were always aware of this fact. That is why we decided to open a new laboratory at TUSUR furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

«This laboratory is to become the basis of the new teaching approach at the university», Mr. Chirikov says. We would like students, whose curriculum includes laboratory work, to be trained here. Every person willing to become a competent specialist in automation of production process is also welcome. These people are the ones I would like to see among our employees one day». This laboratory strikes everyone with its up-to-date equipment. These are the newest products of «EleSy» that have already acquired good reputation in the market, as well as equipment which is used at oil-trunk pipelines all over Russia.

Viktor Ya. Gunter

General director of the limited liability company «Micran» (Tomsk)

The scientific and production company «Micran», associated with the Research Institute of Electric Communication Systems at TUSUR, is a unique educational, scientific and innovation complex, dynamically advancing research and production of telecommunication equipment and SHF electronics, as well as state-of-the-art avionics.

«Micran» manufactures monolithic integrated circuits on the basis of gallium arsenide on heterostructures. The company is fully integrated into the university-science-authorities-business chain. «Micran» hires about 30–40 alumni of TUSUR annually. «We engage third-year students in our work and try to inspire them with our ideas», Viktor Gunter, the general director of «Micran», says. TUSUR students prepare their graduation projects at «Micran» laboratories. Devices designed by students are later manufactured at «Micran» production facilities.

At present one of the major «Micran» projects is a joint production of a new radar based on active phased antenna arrays for MiG-35 aircraft. This radar does not have mechanical scanning capability, it has only electronic one instead, that is why it reacts momentarily. «Micran» jointly with TUSUR created a G class clean room (100 particles of dust per one cubic meter), where one can create world-class monolithic integrated circuits.

Alexander S. Kraisvitnyi

General director of the limited liability company «Seversvyaz» (Noyabrsk)

«At some point I realized that I possessed enough potential to run my own enterprise. Our company provides high-speed Internet access and related telecommunication services. Information technology is a technology of the future that is why there is a strong demand for our work. Numerous alumni of TUSUR, working at «Seversvyaz», have shaped its main directions of development.

I am grateful to my Alma Mater. It forms one’s personality and, no doubt, it is our teachers and project managers who discover our talents and share their knowledge with us, while these talents and knowledge constitute the foundation of an adult life.»

Alexander Baksht

Director of New Techbridge Inc. (Toronto, Canada)

«Our company’s goal is to promote and sell services and products, created by the innovative businesses concentrating around TUSUR. In the long run we plan to start a range of small enterprises in Tomsk to fulfill serial orders from Canadian customers. I maintain business contacts with many members of TUSUR faculty and staff, as well as some alumni of TUSUR who live in Canada and in the USA. I would like to thank the teachers at my Alma Mater, as it is owing to their efforts I am familiar with the system approach. This approach will help resolve any problem!»

Vladimir L. Popov

Director of «Intant» (Tomsk)

«At present our company is an official partner of more than twenty businesses dealing in computers, telecommunications and communication means. We obtained the highest possible degree of authorization from Intel, Microsoft.

When we took a step towards TUSUR and started our collaboration, we did not have financial gain goals in mind. One’s link to Alma Mater can be sincere and does not have to be based on pursuit of profit».

Grigory E. Eroshevskiy

Director of TOMTEL (Tomsk)

«TOMTEL maintains contacts with TUSUR. Many of our employees who hold leading positions are its alumni. Students of TUSUR often undergo internships at our company and some of them are invited to work here. But that is not the point. What I like about TUSUR is that it strives to become a system integrator, gathering different companies and organizations, each of which has its own scope of activities. The university can unite their efforts to solve large-scale problems requiring the use of system approach».

Konstantin V. Zolotovskiy

General director of CJSC «Elect-T» (Tomsk)

«Since the very beginning of my studies at TUSUR I felt sincere respect from students of other universities», Mr. Zolotovskiy recalls his youth. «The fact that you belong to TUSUR is like a benchmark of quality. Indeed, TUSUR has always been the leader in all spheres of student life. Years later when I visited different cities I was pleased to learn that, for example, this head of company or that leading specialist were also alumni of our university».