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UNIQ: A Network of Spin-out Companies

UNIQ is a business network of 210+ high-tech companies created by alumni of TUSUR University and the teaching/research resources of the University.


The TUSUR Network of Spin-out Companies (abbreviated as UNIQ) is a strategic alliance of TUSUR University and high-tech enterprises, most of them created by its alumni. The 150+ members of UNIQ are responsible for 80 % of high-tech product output in Tomsk region. UNIQ offers its members direct access to the innovative infrastructure of the University, promoting creation of new companies to commercialize results of university research, and allowing high-tech companies to benefit from the immense innovation, research and HR potential of the University.


With its wide range of competencies and facilities, the network can implement large-scale projects, thus serving as one of the footholds of the national innovation system, and the joint research carried out by the University and UNIQ companies offers a great practical value for the industry and the academic process:

  • UNIQ companies commission research at the University benefitting from its infrastructure and intellectual potential, gaining access to new technologies that they can use for their competitive advantage, and to the human resources concentrated in the University, including both experienced researchers, and high-potential students;
  • UNIQ companies contribute to creation of joint laboratories and research institutes at the University where their research is carried out with the involvement of University professors and researchers, and offer internship opportunities where students can gain valuable industry experience and become highly valuable potential employees;
  • students involved in UNIQ research through project-based group learning gain first-hand experience working at some of the best Russian high-tech enterprises and enhance their future employability;
  • researchers benefit from the innovation infrastructure of the University (Commercialization Office – Student Business Incubator – Technology Business Incubator), eventually creating spin-off companies that then become part of the UNIQ network.