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History of the University

Our university first opened its doors in 1962. Back then the Soviet Union was exploring outer space and needed highly qualified engineers to create the best missile and space complex in the world. TUSUR made a crucial contribution to the achievement of this ambitious goal. Since then it has always been one of the best engineering universities in Russia.

Tomsk Institute of Radioelectronics and Electronic Technology (TIRiET) was set up in 1962 on the basis of two faculties of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute (TPI, now TPU): Radio Engineering Faculty and Radio Control Faculty.

Then the Institute consisted of an Evening and Extramural Training Faculty in addition to three full-time attendance faculties: Radio Engineering, Radio Control (now Radio Design) and Electronic Engineering. In 1971 it was renamed Tomsk Institute of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TIASUR).

In 1997 the Institute acquired the status of a university together with a new name – Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR).

Student performance has been evaluated according to the ranking system since 2004.

In May 2006 TUSUR won the competition among innovative institutions of higher professional education organized under the aegis of the national «Education» project.

In 2021 TUSUR-University  took part in “Priority 2030” which is a full-scale support program of universities integration launched on the whole of the country’s territory. TUSUR has  been selected among  more  than 100 best  universities in Russia to get the annual  grant  aimed to develop the best practices of research, innovation and educational  work and upscale the  regional development. This is going to improve  national and global  competitiveness of the university, as well as increase the attractiveness of our university both to foreign students and to the world-renowned scientists. TUSUR will be developing projects in microelectronics and new generation communication systems; IT, secure digital environment and cyberphysical systems; space sciences and engineering; biomedical technologies.

Priority 2030 is the largest scale state program in Russian history designed to support Russian universities and drive the competitive quality of Russian education, science and technology. The program was launched on June 24, 2021, and will continue  till 2030.