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Mission and Vision

TUSUR is the youngest university among Tomsk universities which outlines its strategic development program as entrepreneurial university working on the import-independent technologies andimprovement of national standards in priority economic branches.

The strategic goal is to create a world-class entrepreneurial research university that is a global leader in radioengineering and radioelectronics, information and telecommunication technology, electrical engineering and power electronics, control, automation and instrumentation technology, physical electronics and microwave naonelectronics, which will be achieved through adoption of best international practices in education, strategic partnerships with the academic and business communities, training of highly competitive engineers.

The mission of TUSUR University as a world-class entrepreneurial research university is to create the cultural, academic, research and innovation environment that would make it the driving force for economic development in Eurasia, promote world-class research, and facilitate training of highly-skilled professionals for global centers of innovation.

The mission relies on progressive values highly regarded by the entire TUSUR community:

  • Spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Shaping society needs through high-technology achievements
  • Adoption and enhancement of the world progressive educational methods
  • International knowledge and technology transfer
  • Corporate culture of excellence

TUSUR means:

  • First student business incubator in Russia
  • First technology part in Russia.
  • Largest distance learning center east of the Urals.
  • 18% international students in the total student body.
  • Leadership in innovation-driven development through programs for continuous generation of new ideas, technologies and business projects.