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Campus life

Friendly atmosphere

Tomsk is truly a city of students. There are fifth person is a student. Most of them came to study Tomsk from other cities and countries. That is why when you first arrive in Tomsk you cannot help noticin how many young people are around you. Walking along the Lenina avenue you pass by three universities in a row, and each of them has its own face, its history and its distinct character.

The old city is revived by voices of and music. Students have various favorite places in Tomsk, such as bike clubs, dance clubs, coffee houses, sports grounds, and art theatres. Indeed, this colorful diversity is the essence of student Tomsk

Cafés, clubs, cinemas, etc.

Here one can find cafes, restaurants and clubs for any taste: there are more than 100 cafes, about 40 restaurants, and 20 coffee houses offering diverse menu. Students often go to night clubs (there are about 20 of them in Tomsk), where one can hear music of different styles and genres. Theme parties take place there and famous DJs come from various countries.One can watch all the latest movies in the three cinemas of Tomsk.

There are various options for relaxation and entertainment satisfying all tastes: paintball, bowling, billiard, water pools, saunas etc.

Bookstores and libraries

The largest Russian chains of bookstores have their branches in Tomsk. Besides, there are small local bookstores which are really unique. Do not forget to visit a second-hand book-shop, where you will find many rare and extraordinary things and books!

Internet, Wi-Fi

Some organizations, cafes and hotels in Tomsk offer free of charge Wi-Fi access: http://wifi4free.ru/tomsk/hotspots/. Besides, a free Wi-Fi zone covers the main building of TUSUR as well as adjacent Novosobornaya Square, where students like to spend their free time in the park close to the fountain. The Business Incubator of TUSUR also provides free Wi-Fiaccess. There are many Internet cafes and cybercafés very popular among students.


The city-dwellers enjoy escaping the heat of summer in large and small parks of Tomsk. One can have a great time on the quay of the Tom River, where one can go roller-skating, enjoy fresh air, admire the view or feed pigeons. You can see photos of Tomsk taken for its 400th anniversary at: http://album.tomsk.ru/