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Research portfolio

This research portfolio presents scientific and technological developments by researchers of TUSUR University in the University’s key areas of research.

Automated Test Complex for Measurement and Functional Control of Spacecraft PCU Parameters

This automated test complex (ATC) for spacecraft power conditioning units (PCU) is a multi-purpose system that consists of independent devices – solar array and battery simulators, load simulators, control and test station and measurement tools that can be controlled automatically or by an operator working in special software at an automated workplace.

Air transport Devices and hardware systems Power industry and energy efficiency Space Tests / diagnostics

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

UPS are transformerless sources with dual power conversion that are designed to supply sine-wave 380/220V 50Hz alternating voltage to electric equipment...

Devices and hardware systems Power industry and energy efficiency Robotics Security and counterterrorism

Phoenix-2 Local Hyperthermia Complex

The complex uses direct current that is absolutely safe for the patient and eliminates any negative effect of microwave fields that ...

Devices and hardware systems Electronics Medicine of the future Microwave devices

Grifon Software/Hardware Alert Complex

Grifon workstations – control and management at a regional, territorial, local or facility level.

Communications Devices and hardware systems Natural phenomena Security and counterterrorism

Battery Charge-Discharge Controller for Optimizing Control of Solar Battery Power in Independent Photovoltaic Power Units

First Russian-made charge-discharge controller for optimizing control of accumulator batteries...

Automation Devices and hardware systems Instrument engineering Power industry and energy efficiency

Mobile Robot for Video Surveillance Systems

The robot’s purpose is to complement video surveillance systems...

Communications Electronics Robotics Security and counterterrorism

Mobile Sodar for Boundary Atmosphere Sounding

A sodar or acoustic sounder that uses directed acoustic signal transmissions into the atmosphere for control of thermal stratification, measurement of wind velocity vectors and turbulence parameters in the lower atmosphere.

Devices and hardware systems Natural phenomena

Li-Ion Battery Monitoring and Control Module for Spacecraft

The new Li-ion battery monitoring and control module...

Air transport Devices and hardware systems Power industry and energy efficiency Space

Software/Hardware Complex VHF Signal Properties Prediction for Ground, Sea and Air Paths

The complex is designed to facilitate...

Air transport Communications Ground transport UAV Water transport

Ultra High Frequency Receiving Module and Chip Set for Radio-Location Systems with Digital Phased Antenna Arrays, and Other SoC Radio Engineering Systems

This ultra high frequency single-chip receiving module is designed for radio location systems with multi-channel digital phased antenna arrays and for other radio engineering systems.

Electronic components Instrument engineering Microwave technology Nanotechnology Radio engineering Radio monitoring Security and counterterrorism