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Pavel Senchenko

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor
Address: 40 Lenina Prospect, Tomsk, 634050
Phone: (3822) 51-43-10
E-mail: pvs@tusur.ru

In 1997 he graduated from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics. Currently works at the Department of Information Processing Automation as an assistant professor.


He teaches disciplines such as:

  • «Organization of databases» (bachelor's degree, specialty, 2, 3 courses),
  • «Reliability, ergonomics and quality ASOIU» (specialty, 4 year),
  • «Management of the quality of business processes» (master's program, 1 year).

He received a Ph.D. in technical sciences in 2003, and in 2005 he was awarded the academic title to the department of AOI. In May 2010, P.V. Senchenko was elected Dean of the Faculty of Management Systems. He is also a member of the Academic Council and Deputy Director of Marketing at the Academy of Business Informatics. In 2005 P.V. Senchenko became the laureate of the prize of the governor of the Tomsk region in the field of education, science, health and culture.

P. V. Senchenko has more than 10 scientific works of Rospatent, more than 70 scientific works.


  • Methods and technologies for documentary support of management decisions – Tomsk: TUSUR, 2005. – 178 p. (in collaboration with Yu. P. Ekhlakov, V. E. Kiriyenko)
  • Petri nets in modeling business processes. Theoretical foundations and applications: monograph – Tomsk: TUSUR, 2007. – 179 (in collaboration with Yu. P. Ekhlakov, O. I. Zhukovsky, V. F. Tarasenko)
  • Dynamic models of business processes. Theory and practice of reengineering: monograph / (co-authored with Yu. P. Ekhlakov, O. I. Zhukovsky, V. F. Tarasenko, Yu. B. Gritsenko), ed. prof. Yu.P. Ehlakova. – Tomsk: Tomsk. state University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, 2014. - 203 p. ISBN 978-5-86889-688-0
  • Information technology for the formation and monitoring of the electronic master plan of the engineering infrastructure of an enterprise: monograph (together with Yu. P. Ekhlakov, O. I. Zhukovsky, Gritsenko Yu. B.) – Tomsk: Tomsk Publishing House. state University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, 2014. – 152 p. ISBN: 978-5-86889-696-5
  • Senchenko P.V., Gritsenko Yu.B., Zhukovsky O.I. Information technology in managing the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the region (for example, the Tomsk region) / (co-authored by O. I. Zhukovsky, Yu. B. Gritsenko) Ed. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ekhlakov Yu.P. – Tomsk: Tomsk. state University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, 2015. – 128 p. ISBN 978-5-86889-721-4

Study guides

  • Organization of Databases: A Training Manual. – Tomsk: TUSUR, 2004 .– 184 p. (gr. SIBRUMZ)
  • Reliability, ergonomics and quality of automated information processing and control systems: a training manual – Tomsk: TUSUR, 2006. – 185 p. (SIBRUMZ signature stamp)
  • Senchenko P.V. Organization of databases: study guide V. Senchenko. – Tomsk: FDO, TUSUR, 2015 .– 170 p. UDC 004.65 (075.8)

Research interests: designing information systems, organizing a management document, electronic document management, database design, modeling and optimization of business processes, geoinformation technologies.