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Antenna for Consumer Navigation Equipment


The antenna is designed to receive radio-navigation signals as an element of consumer GNSS navigation equipment, both ground and naval.

The antenna is used in high-precision, anti-interference radio-navigation measurements in ground and naval complexes.

Its circular design ensures a low level of multipath signals.

The antenna is a highly efficient development with an ellipticity ratio close to one, which makes it possible to reduce energy loss during reception of the navigation signal.


  • Amplification ratio – 5 dB
  • Ellipticity ratio – 0.89
  • Efficiency ratio – 0.8
  • Dimensions 15 * 15 * 6 cm
  • Weight: 0.25 kg


The antenna is based on a combination of the printed technology and latest elements for signal suppression due to multipath wave propagation.


Ground or space radio monitoring and radio control, robotics, radio communications, security systems

Autonomous navigation systems for unmanned space and ground vehicles