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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems


UPS are transformerless sources with dual power conversion that are designed to supply sine-wave 380/220V 50Hz alternating voltage to electric equipment via a three-phase four-wire system (GOST 13109-97) and protect it from any network failures, including distortion or loss of input voltage, and suppress high-voltage pulses and high-frequency interferences coming from the network.

The UPS additionally delivers voltage monitoring and grading on individual battery cells for the purpose of battery life extension.

The UPS are compatible with electric equipment with power recovery to the network.


  • Full capacity: 10 to 50 kVA.
  • Input voltage: 380V, 50Hz.
  • Input power factor module: ≥9.9 with consideration of energy recovery to the network.
  • Coefficient of non-linear input voltage distortion: ≤5%/
  • Output voltage: in accordance with GOST 13109-97.
  • Peak load ratio: 1.3.
  • Overload capacity: up to 130% - 15 minutes.
  • Crest factor (|peak/|eff): 2.6:1.
  • Operation under complete load unbalance: yes.
  • Energy conversion efficiency in mains-fed operation: 0.92%.
  • Bypass type: electronic (automated), manual (serviced).
  • Battery switchover time: 0 msec.
  • Battery protection: overcharge, overheating, short circuit failure, UVLO.
  • Interface ports: RS-485.


  1. Intelligent charge and energy storage control.
  2. RS-485-based remote serviceability.
  3. Automated compatibility with most energy storage types, a simple general access interface.
  4. Hot swapping of any energy storages and control units without shutting down.
  5. Intelligent energy recovery system.
  6. Guaranteed service life up to 5 years.


  • Critical equipment used by enterprises in the defense industry.
  • Public electrical facilities.
  • Telecommunications systems.