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Phoenix-2 Local Hyperthermia Complex


The complex uses direct current that is absolutely safe for the patient and eliminates any negative effect of microwave fields that are a known problem in competing devices, and can be used to treat even deep-seated tumors.

Its power consumption is at just several hundred Watt. Moreover, the complex requires no specially fitted room, making its use possible in virtually any conditions.


Stabilization temperature: 45̊C.

Precision of temperature stabilization: ±0.1̊C.

Treatment session duration: up to 60 minutes.


  • Treatment of deep-seated tumors.
  • Lower incidence of metastatic disease.
  • No negative impact on the patient and medical staff.
  • No need for any additional temperature sensors.
  • Automatic high-precision temperature control.
  • Low power consumption, low cost, small dimensions and weight, no requirement for a specially fitted room, making it possible to use the complex at any healthcare facility.


The complex is designed for treatment of cancer.

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Phoenix-2 Local Hyperthermia Complex. Presentation (in Russian)