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Grifon Software/Hardware Alert Complex


of system components

Grifon workstations – control and management at a regional, territorial, local or facility level.

Grifon conference call system for public telephone networks and mobile network operators – alerts for officials using landlines and mobile phones, text messages and recording of phone calls. Selection of communication lines.

Grifon broadcast intercept system for analogue and digital TV and radio broadcasts – interception of scheduled broadcasts of analogue and digital TV and radio channels and cable TV for public emergency alert.

Grifon electric alarm control complex – control of electric/mechanical alarm systems.

Grifon loudspeaker control complex – loudspeaker control with line level input in public places for broadcast of alarm signals and messages. Community warnings via door phones.

Grifon interface device for connection to third-party equipment – for software/hardware integration with third-party alert equipment and mutual alert signal exchange.

Grifon interface device for connection to natural/anthropogenic emergency monitoring systems – data (signal) input from natural/anthropogenic emergency monitoring systems.


  • Development of dynamic and standard alarm scenarios
  • Control in all available communications channels (landline, radio and digital)
  • Generation, transmission and reception of alarm and information signals
  • Communication of alarm signals to officials and general population
  • Remote control of alarm systems at a regional, city and facility level in accordance with a priority system of at least two elements at each level
  • Activation of target devices in individual, group and broadcasting modes
  • Transmission of pre-recorded voice, graphics, text and sound messages directly from the workstation to the general population and officials
  • Security against unauthorized activation, erroneous action of staff
  • 24-hour work and monitoring of equipment and communication channels
  • Control and testing of elements of alert systems without  activation of target alert devices
  • Automated connection to deployed alert complex devices recommended by EMERCOM of Russia
  • Utilization together with III—V type natural/anthropogenic emergency monitoring systems.


  1. Incremental deployment
  2. Utilization of various communication channels, small size and weight make it possible to deploy the system in the shortest time
  3. Connectability to the available alert equipment
  4. Grifon was recommended for mass production, including for purposes of public emergency alert.


Development of alarm systems for the population, government bodies, officials, civil defense and emergency personnel at a regional, municipal, local and facility level.