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Mobile Robot for Video Surveillance Systems


The robot’s purpose is to complement video surveillance systems:

  • autonomous grounds patrolling with video data transfer to the server to be viewed by the operator,
  • coverage of blind areas, fewer equipment for grounds surveillance.

The robot has two operating modes:

  • autonomous – grounds patrolling and video data transfer for the operator,
  • remote controlled – the robot is controlled by the operator, live-streaming the video data.



  • Mobile robotic platform: wheeled platform, DC motor, Arduino-compatible microcontroller as part of Intel Edison, motor driver Arduino Motor Shield, light sensor
  • Video subsystem: Intel Edison, 1920х1080 WEB-camera, FFmpeg, FFserver, WEB-app, Flash, VLC Player
  • Power supply: 2700 mAh battery with 7.2 Volt power input


  1. Reduced need for a large number of cameras, dedicated channels, communications for each cameras (and associated costs)
  2. Elimination of blind areas


As an additional feature of video surveillance systems used in large territories, patrolling of private property, indoor surveillance.