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Hardware/Software Complex for GLONASS, GPS, KOMPASS, GALILEO Signal Receptio


This software/hardware complex is based on a computer-based digital navigation receiver for reception of GLONASS, GPS, KOMPASS and GALILEO signals.

The receiver features a modular design that makes it possible to easily add new or replace old modules. Its structure makes the receiver customizable for any specific needs, objectives and capacity of the consumer.

The development’s ability to receive and process signals from several satellite navigation systems ensures that the system has a higher level of autonomy and reduces any possible discontinuity in the navigation field of the receiver.

Servoloops and navigation computer in the receiver make use of advanced information processing methods based on dynamic filtration algorithms that reduce standard error in time and coordinate measurements for the user.


  • Radio frequency range: 1 560÷1 610 MHz
  • Noise ratio: 2.5
  • Intermediate frequency: 70 MHz
  • Dimensions: 160x63x16 (mm)
  • Dimensions: 160x63x16 (mm)
  • Dimensions: 160x63x16 (mm)
  • Dimensions: 160x63x16 (mm)Weight: 150
  • Weight: 150 g


  1. Enhanced autonomy of time/coordinate measurements. Resistance to short-time discontinuities in the navigation field
  2. High precision of measurements
  3. Small dynamic error component in assessment of traveltime parameters for the user


Design of autonomous navigation systems for unmanned spacecraft and ground vehicles.

Keywords: Navigation receiver, Spacecraft navigation, GLONASS/GPS/Galileo