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International Workshop Siberian Cosmology Days

The International Workshop Siberian Cosmology Days is held at TUSUR, Tomsk, Russia in August.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers who are interested in different aspects of the evolution of our Universe at the early or late-time eras, astrophysics as well as in mathematical aspects of gravitation theory and modified gravities.

This workshop is organized by TUSUR International Laboratory for Theoretical Cosmology.

For details on registration, talks acceptance and other information, please contact:

Prof. Sergey Odintsov: e-mail: odintsov@ice.cat
Prof. Evgeny Ageev: e-mail: sci@tusur.ru
Address: 40, prospect Lenina (room 215), Tomsk, Russia 634050
Conference web-site: scd2018.tusur.ru

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