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COVID-19: start of classes guidelines

When can international students arrive to Tomsk?

International students are expected to arrive to Tomsk immediately after travel restrictions with regard to their countries are lifted. TUSUR monitors the situation and keeps students from respective countries informed of their current travel status.

Students who cannot arrive to Tomsk for face-to-face learning due to ongoing travel restrictions with regard to their countries are expected to continue to attend classes and take exams online via sdo.tusur.ru.

When a student is informed by TUSUR that the travel ban on their country is lifted, they will be issued a visa invitation and, after obtaining a visa, must inform the University 10 days before their arrival.

Is there a quarantine requirement for arriving students?

International students will be placed in quarantine immediately after arrival. The TUSUR Quarantine Center is set up in its dormitory at 10 Lytkina Street. Within 72 hours after arrival, they will get a COVID-19 PCR test and will be allowed to move to regular student dormitories immediately after a negative PRC result is obtained. On average, the time from check in to check out of the Quarantine Center is 4 to 5 days.

On the 10th to 12th day after arrival, all quarantined students will undergo a COVID test (the cost of which will be covered by TUSUR) and, provided that the result is negative, will be issued a campus pass and re-accommodated to their regular dormitories.

What do I need to bring to the Quarantine Center?

You must have your passport, migration card and tickets, and your original documents of prior education.

Make sure to have items that are essential for your daily life (such as personal care products), as well as devices that will be necessary for your online classes (laptop, headphones, chargers, etc.).

Can I leave the Quarantine Center to run errands?

At the Quarantine Center, you will be restricted to your block. You will not be allowed to leave the building, any non-essential luggage will be locked in the storage room. Your stay at the Quarantine Center will be supported by University personnel and student volunteers who will help you deal with any issues, should you have any.

Update on TUSUR response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact lives around the world, TUSUR University is maintaining its restrictions on face-to-face contact within its community. Although all classrooms on campus are closed and most of University faculty and staff are currently working from home, our academic and administrative processes are not slowing down and our goals and standards of excellence remain unchanged.

To address the challenges that social distancing poses to academic processes, TUSUR has leveraged its massive experience in e-learning obtained through the Faculty of Distance Learning, the largest faculty at TUSUR that has been delivering excellent engineering education for off-campus students for over 20 years. Scaling up its best e-learning practices to its entire 12,000 student body, TUSUR has created more than 1,200 online courses and 750 webinars and holds more than 150 web conferences daily.

Protecting the health and well-being of our community remains our top priority. Every building on campus implements strict access control, with only authorized personnel allowed access, and only after a mandatory express health check. A strict stay-at-home order is currently in place in all of TUSUR dormitories, no new residents are allowed to check in.

On April 20, TUSUR Rector Victor Rulevskiy made the decision to extend the e-learning period till June 1, all final assessments are also to be carried out online.

On April 23, TUSUR equipped additional self-study classrooms in dormitories in order to support resident students who rely on out-of-dormitory equipment for their studies.

On April 24, TUSUR Graduate Employment Office launched the digital job center to help students self-finance during the pandemic. As of May 6, 70+ applications from TUSUR students have been processed.

Enrollment campaign goes online

To ensure the safety of our community and to uphold the rules of social distancing for the duration of the 2020 enrollment campaign, TUSUR University has made the decision to carry out all admissions procedures fully online. No submission of the hard copies of applicants’ certificates will be required for enrollment. International applicants are encouraged to contact the Division of International Cooperation for assistance with application.

TUSUR for the community

Volunteers from TUSUR University are providing digital support to schools, help University faculty members and operating from the volunteering headquarters that offers assistance to elderly people and people with disabilities. More than 100 students of TUSUR University are currently volunteering for mitigation of the pandemic crisis in Tomsk, 20 of them providing digital assistance for Tomsk schools, 11 helping University faculty members with e-learning technologies, and 23 students operating from the volunteering headquarters of Tomsk region where they support quarantining elderly people and people with disabilities. In addition, student volunteers have been assisting with health monitoring in University buildings since the start of the lockdown period. Learn more

What should I do if I feel unwell or suspect I might have been exposed to a person with COVID-19?

As our main goal as a community is to prevent the spread of the disease, it is vital that you stay home if you show any symptoms of illness, particularly fever or cough. Please immediately contact the director of your dormitory who will ensure that a doctor will visit you shortly. In any case, make sure to reduce your contact with other people and practice extra care with your respiratory hygiene.

Where can I find reliable information about the COVID-19 situation in Russia?

The official website of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare стопкоронавирус.рф should be treated as the ultimate reliable source of information on the epidemiological situation in Russia. Internationally, the WHO website is a good source to rely on.

I or my parents have other concerns. Who can I talk to?

TUSUR University has launched a Russian-language hotline number +7 (3822) 907-166 for students and their parents regarding any matters concerning the COVID-19 situation. Any non-Russian language inquiries can be addressed to the Division of International Cooperation at: ama@main.tusur.ru, saa@main.tusur.ru (in French or English), kga@tusur.ru, kos@main.tusur.ru (in English).