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Faculty of Advanced Training

of Advanced Training

Tel.: +7 3822 510–777

E-mail: fpk@main.tusur.ru

Postal address: TUSUR, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk, 634050

Location: 634050, room 240, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Advanced Training has been offering additional educational services in the customer market for more than eleven years. Among those wishing to upgrade their qualifications at TUSUR there are heads of enterprises, top specialists of various companies, engineers and technology-oriented individuals from many Russian cities and regions. Advanced educational, scientific and innovative complex of TUSUR provides students with knowledge of the latest achievements in the field of informatics, telecommunications, electronics, control, security of installations and individuals and data protection. TUSUR is the leading Russian university in training of data protection specialists.

Companies with immense scientific, engineering and production potential are partners of the Faculty of Advanced Training. They help prepare and conduct training courses, which are complemented with practical work at laboratories, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. Such prominent companies as «Micran», «EleSy», «Elcom+», «Svyaztransneft», and «Sibirtelecom» delegate their employees to teach classes at the Faculty.

Up to date, numerous companies have assigned their employees to take up courses at the Faculty: «Tomsktelecom», «Tomskenergo», Administration of State Communications Monitoring Agency for Siberian Federal District, «Tomsktransgaz», «Kuzbassenergosvyaz», «Transneft», «Modern Telecommunication Networks and Systems», Siberian Chemical Plant, Radio-Frequency Center of Siberian Federal District etc.

In March 2006, by order of the Federal Education Agency, TUSUR was licensed to provide training of teaching personnel. All teaching programs of the Faculty of Advanced Training include, in addition to conventional lectures, a number of practical classes, where students learn to create virtual laboratory tasks, tests and electronic teaching materials. The Faculty offers its own unique developments in the field of training programs and its own excellent laboratory facilities.

Advanced training courses are offered at any time during the academic year. The Faculty of Advanced Training relies on a wide variety of teaching methods. For instance, if required, lectures can be delivered and practical lessons can be organized by teachers of the Faculty at customer’s workplace and on the basis of customer’s equipment. If a more comprehensive study of a particularly important issue is required, lectures, laboratory classes and practical lessons take place at TUSUR facilities. Moreover, the Faculty of Advanced Training applies distance learning technologies. All activities of the Faculty are based on the fundamental principle of individual approach to student groups as well as individual students.

Dean: Vyacheslav I. Efanov, Candidate of Engineering, professor

E-mail: fpk@main.tusur.ru