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Faculty of Computer Systems

of Computer Systems

Tel.: +7 3822 413–845

E-mail: fvs@fet.tusur.ru

Potal address: TUSUR, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk, 634050

Location: room 203, 74 Vershinina street, Tomsk

About the Faculty

Faculty of Computer Systems was formed in 1989 under the supervision of professor v. S. Titov, Doctor of Engineering. Up-to-date computer systems were then actively developed and widely implemented in research, engineering and social life. Students undergo comprehensive training in a wide range of disciplines: from advanced mathematics and general physics to state-of-the-art operation systems. Faculty and staff comprise corresponding members of various Russian academies, as well as ten professors and doctors of engineering. Most teachers have academic degrees and titles.

The Faculty of Computer Systems offers professional training and comprehensive learning of modern computer networks, automation systems, programming systems, as well as basic principles of business and entrepreneurship. Therefore, alumni are successful and adaptable not only in contemporary Russian market environment, but also worldwide. This is illustrated by the fact that graduates of the Faculty of Computer Systems work in the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel and other countries.

Alumni are employed at various institutions and organizations, such as engineering departments of military units, Russian Ministry of the Interior, Russian Federal Security Service, road police, fire stations, health care institutions, at investment and consulting companies and other commercial entities, at design offices and organizations, banks, tax organizations and other financial institutions. Some of them have started their own science-intensive businesses.

Undergraduates and postgraduates of the Faculty of Computer Systems have a unique opportunity to take part in real-life projects. There are plenty of amazing projects of practical relevance at Faculty of Computer Systems. An example of such a project is creation of a three-dimensional visualisation system to display internal heart structure in real-time mode, applied by Tomsk cardiac surgeons during challenging surgeries.

It is not a mere dream for students to bring their scientific ideas to life; it is a possibility. Both the Faculty and the university as a whole provide comprehensive assistance to young entrepreneurs starting their own science-intensive companies. Within the team project learning format students form teams focusing on particular issues of interest and within two years they develop and arrange their business ideas which, if successful, eventually bring them to the Student Business Incubator. Thereafter they can transform their comprehensively developed project into a private science-intensive company or production.

Computer rooms and laboratories, designed for team project learning, are provided with state-of-the-art equipment. Here the would-be computer engineers study theory and undergo practical training. Computer room is also available at the dormitory, so that students could find information for their studies and get in touch with parents and friends via e-mail. Dormitory No. 5, which offers housing to students of the Faculty of Computer Systems, has been considered one of the best at the university for a number of years now. Spacious student rooms are furnished with new furniture; many of them are also equipped with computers, TV sets and refrigerators. There is a gym, a library, a café, and a grocery store. That is why graduates who are accustomed to the comfort of their dormitories often find it difficult to leave their student home for good.

Students of the Faculty of Computer Systems are also distinguished by their sports achievements; there are champions and winners of awards in various sports. Among them: Konstantin Pluzhnikov – candidate for the membership in the Russian Olympic team in gymnastics, world karate champion Ruslan Akshurin and a famous power-lifter Evgeny Vasyukov. Excellent performance of the student football team of the university constitutes to a large extent an achievement of the Faculty, as the key players are students of the Faculty of Computer Systems.

The Faculty comprises display rooms, computer rooms, team project learning laboratories, as well as university laboratories with a focus on robotechnics, development and design of computer systems, microprocessor equipment, and information security. There is a joint department with Research Institute of Automation and Electromechanics, as well as the Center of Security Technology, laboratory of electromechanic systems, and specialized laboratory of EleSy company.

Departments of the Faculty of Computer Systems:

  • Department of Computer Control and Design Systems
  • Department of Electronic Automation and Control Systems
  • Department of Mechanics and Graphics
  • Department of Modeling and System Analysis
  • Department of Economic Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics

Dean: Elena V. Istigecheva, associate professor

E-mail: fvs@fet.tusur.ru