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Faculty of Control Systems

of Control Systems

Tel.: (3822) 41-34-29

E-mail: dekanat-fsu@tusur.ru

Postal address: TUSUR, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk, 634050

Location: rooms 403,410, 74 Vershinina street, Tomsk


About the Faculty

The Faculty of Control Systems offers eight major programs for specialists and bachelors, providing its students with knowledge and skills needed to meet up-to-date requirements of informatics. Faculty and staff comprise highly qualified teachers, including 30 associate professors and 12 full professors. Eight computer rooms, furnished with up-to-date equipment, are available to students. Since its foundation, several thousand professionals have graduated from the Faculty.

Ambitious professionals, able to organize their own science-intensive business, independent and self-motivated – these are the qualities appreciated by the Faculty and TUSUR as a whole. The Faculty of Control Systems relies on the team project learning format, when student teams work on their common project, not only obtaining knowledge, but also learning to apply it to real-life tasks. The Faculty applies elements of distance learning and a rating system, stimulating students to work individually rather than passively accumulate information given by lecturers. Those, whose knowledge is profound and solid, score the best results.

Students of the Faculty of Control Systems cooperate with municipal and regional authorities, Siberian Chemical Plant and Tomskneftekhim (Tomsk petrochemical plant). Moreover, undergraduates and postgraduates work together with their colleagues from Italy and France. Close partnership with University of Limoges (France) allows the best students to undergo internship there. In addition, French students, going to Tomsk after competitive selection, successfully defend their theses at TUSUR.

Departments of the Faculty of Control Systems:

  • Department of Advanced Mathematics
  • Department of Data Processing Automation
  • Department of Automated Control Systems

Dean: Nina Salmina, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering, Associate Professor

E-mail: snu@main.tusur.ru