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Faculty of Distance Learning

of Distance Learning

Tel.: +7 3822 415–000

E-mail: office@fdo.tusur.ru

Mailing address: TUSUR, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk, 634050

Location: room 305, 74 Vershinina street, Tomsk

About the Faculty

The modern concept of international educational space is based on principles of transparency and continuity. For that purpose up-to-date technologies are essential at any stage of the learning process. TUSUR is one of the winners of the Russian national competition among universities which implement innovative tutorial programs. For more than ten years it has been successfully applying modern educational technologies, which are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Having accumulated sufficient potential in educational materials and information technologies, TUSUR became the leader among Russian universities in the field of distance learning in engineering. The Faculty of Distance Learning implements educational programs using technologies of remote education.

The Faculty of Distance Learning is the largest faculty of TUSUR. It provides training to more than 7000 students, who live in more than 100 cities in Russia and the former Soviet Union. It is proud of its 12-year experience and 1700 alumni.

Distance learning technologies applied at TUSUR are based on the use of Internet to provide a student with access to data resources of the university regardless of student’s location.

At the Faculty of Distance Learning you can receive your first or second degree, improve your qualification, undergo professional retraining, and attend a short-term course in any of the principal TUSUR majors.

After successful completion of education, students obtain a state standard diploma (diploma of higher education, diploma of incomplete higher education, certificate of professional retraining, certificate of advanced training) depending on the selected study program.

Departments of the Faculty of Distance Learning

  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Distance training at TUSUR gives an opportunity to:

  • start education at any time of the year;
  • study at home;
  • combine study with work;
  • study according to an individual curriculum and define one’s own schedule and pace;
  • take tests, credit tests and examinations via Internet;
  • rely on information technologies in the learning process.

Dean: Irina P. Levshenkova

E-mail: lip@fdo.tusur.ru