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Faculty of Economics

of Economics

Tel.: +7 3822 414–341

E-mail: kra@fet.tusur.ru

Postal address: TUSUR, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk, 634050

Location: room 417, 74 Vershinina street, Tomsk

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics was established on the basis of the Department of Economics at TUSUR in March 2000. At present the Faculty trains specialists in economics, management, finance and informatics. Moreover, alumni of the Faculty of Economics can obtain master’s degree and proceed with postgraduate training.

The Faculty of Economics provides education different from the conventional «teacher – student» format. Here students are regarded as a particular staff category, united with the teachers by their common goal – the goal of training highly qualified professionals. This approach expands the role of teacher from that of an «information carrier» and a consultant to the more important role of manager, leading his or her team to success.

In addition to mandatory part of curriculum, students take part in supplementary seminars and trainings, involving real businessmen. Such experience helps prepare the would-be specialists for practical work.

As a matter of fact, in addition to economics and management, there are two informatics-oriented majors at the Faculty of Economics, namely: «Informatics and computer engineering» and «Information systems». It is well known that as a result, economists and managers are on friendly terms with computers, whereas engineers are good at management and economics. Those TUSUR graduates who acquired qualification in information technology also stand out among graduates of engineering universities. In addition to the standard economic curriculum, they have four semester-long courses, namely: management, marketing, finance and business planning. As a result, they can obtain a certificate of business education in addition to their university diploma.

Master’s program of the Faculty of Economics. TUSUR Faculty of Economics is licensed to provide training within two economic and one informatics-oriented master’s programs, namely: «Project management», «Finance», and «Information and software support of automated systems». Students with informatics-oriented qualifications, who have acquired necessary knowledge of economics and management, are welcome to continue education within master’s program in economics and management. As a result, we can witness a unique situation: a person can obtain two most prestigious diplomas – the first in informatics and the second in economics and management – within six years of study (four years of bachelor’s program and two years of master’s program). Those who aim to obtain two diplomas should first choose an informatics-oriented qualification (considering the fact that the number of budget-sponsored places is quite high) and then take advantage of this opportunity. An opposite strategy is also possible: students with economics-oriented qualifications are good enough at informatics to enter informatics-related master’s program. It can come in handy for those who would like to be involved in computer business.

Alumni of the Faculty dispose over one more principal advantage: during their studies they undergo excellent computer training. Therefore, they are good at both economics and information technologies and are capable of programming. Alumni of the Faculty of Economics hold high positions at Russian banks, state corporations, investment funds, financial and insurance companies, taxation authorities, audit and consulting firms, large production enterprises, planning, economic and financial departments and services, recruitment agencies, automation departments, designer companies and advertising agencies, or start their own businesses.

For those who are eager to obtain the second higher education degree or complete their first higher education program within a shorter time period, the Faculty of Economics designed a convenient format of monitored extra-mural training. Within this format students are provided with all necessary training materials and they study on the basis of the so-called cumulative block learning, with consultations and examinations individually scheduled for every student.

Departments of the Faculty of Economics:

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Management

Dean: Arkady G. Buimov, Doctor of Engineering, professor

E-mail: agb@mail.tomsknet.ru