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Faculty of Extramural and Evening Education

 Faculty of Extramural
and Evening Education

Tel.: +7 3822 510–640

E-mail: zvf@main.tusur.ru

Postal address: TUSUR, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk, 634050

Location: room 210, 40 Lenina prospect, Tomsk

About the Faculty

The Faculty offers training within 19 different major programs. At present, more than 1800 people study there having chosen one of the two educational formats: evening or extramural. Faculty and staff include highly qualified teachers – professors and associate professors of various TUSUR departments. Students have advanced laboratory facilities at their disposal, as well as unlimited access to information resources of the university. Vast variety of qualifications is the basis of multiple opportunities for those who wish to obtain their second degree.

Classes for students of the evening education format start in September and end in July. They take place four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) in the evening (from 18:30 to 21:50). Examinations are taken twice a year, in January and June, at the same time as in case of full-time education.

Extramural education is based on a different model. Students come to Tomsk to attend classes and take examinations twice a year (in spring and in autumn). Examination period lasts about 40 calendar days for the first and second year students, and about 50 calendar days for the third to sixth year students.

The full term of education at the Faculty is 6 years.

Dean: Igor v. Osipov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, associate professor at the Department of Physics

E-mail: zvf@main.tusur.ru