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Julien Le Compagnon

Limoges University, Limoges, France

Study in Russia... an opportunity not to be missed! Hi! I'm a French student of 23 years old. I'm curious and eager to see the world. I have always enjoyed learning new things, discovering other cultures... Internship abroad was a integral part of my Bachelor curricula "Home automation and autonomy of people" at the University of Limoges.

Why Russia ? Among many courses suggested by the program, two were proposed by TUSUR University. The topics were interesting and motivating and furthermore Russia was the only non-French speaking country proposed for internship on European continent, which has boosted my curiosity and desire to discover another culture.

During the four months of my internship I worked on the automation of video monitoring. This system helps elderly people in everyday life. I was able to analyze the context and the different existing systems on the market. I learned how to use camera monitoring simulation software and understand what are the most efficient cameras for this type of use.

I keep great memories, Russia is a hospitable country. Tomsk is a very big student town, no time to get bored in between visits, student parties and meetings. I also took the time to travel especially in Novosibirsk as well as Lake Baikal. Visiting Tomsk it's an experience that I recommend to everybody.