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Nahas Roshan Kunnathodika

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna

I am thankful to myself that I chose TUSUR for doing my summer research internship 2017. I was able to converse and meet with several students and faculty members, and I must add that I was perfectly comfortable in the work environment.

I worked in the Computer Science faculty on developing very basic circuit simulation software to calculate S-parameters of a circuit in Microwave frequency range. I was new to GUI concepts, but during the internship period of two months I learned many new things.

Besides academics, my internship in TUSUR was a cultural experience. Tomsk city is peaceful and quiet, but at the same time vibrant. The student atmosphere is something that is unique to Tomsk. Except for the language barrier, I would say that Tomsk is one of the best cities for an international student. I was able to immerse myself in the Russian culture, which is unique in its own way. Also, the Russian language classes provided in TUSUR help international students a lot.

It was my first time abroad, but I can confidently say that I would love to visit TUSUR again in the future!