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Shivam Prakash

SRM University, Chennai, India

First of all I would like to thank TUSUR for providing me a world class research experience in Russia. I had arrived at TUSUR in the beginning of December 2014. Being from a place in southern India where climate is always hot and humid, we were very excited to see Siberia and snow for the first time. We were also worried if we could handle extreme climate of Russian winter. But, surprisingly it was not a big deal at all. The weather was very pleasant and I personally liked it a lot. I discovered that working in a cold climate is actually very refreshing.

I was placed in Department of Industrial Electronics and given a research thesis titled “Design of DC-AC high frequency power supply for Induction Heating”. Russia being the country to first implement and use induction heating technology, it was a great opportunity for me to learn induction heating physics and concepts at Russia itself. My work was supervised by many PhD scholars at the laboratory. They helped us to structure our work and progress. I never felt any sort of language barrier in communication because most of the professors speak English. I made friends with many professors and students there, every weekend, they used to take us out to show different parts of Tomsk city. We did snow sliding, Russian "bania", painted Matriyushka-dolls and Russian traditional spoons.

During the internship we also got an opportunity to learn Russian Language. The classes were organized by TUSUR Center of training for international students. For the entire stay we got accommodation at TUSUR Dormitory. The experience at Dormitory was very good, closely there is 24/7 open convenient store. The room was very clean and the neighbors were very friendly. I hope to have an opportunity to return to this University one day for further academic studies or work.