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Srilekhya Reddy

SRM University, Chennai, India

Hello! My name is Srilekhya and I'm currently a graduate student of Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech, USA. I did my internship in TUSUR during the Summer 2014. At this time I was undergraduate student at SRM University, India.

For my internship I was placed at the TUSUR Laboratory of Intelligent Computer Systems. My work included modeling MMIC circuits in navigation systems using SiGe technology. This technology is cutting edge and relatively new in the field of integrated circuits. I consider myself fortunate to have worked on such an advanced technology during my undergraduate. My research supervisor and lab-mates were very competent and gave me ample guidance and support to complete my project successfully. I could actually design the circuits that would be used in everyday products such as a cell phone. I improved my technical skills tremendously by interning at TUSUR. Right from literature review to circuit design and report generation to presentation, the whole experience of internship was very helpful in improving my insight and skills in the field of IC designing. As the saying goes, Analog&MMIC Design is described as black magic because the whole process is rather quirky! TUSUR was probably my Hogwarts, the place where I learnt to master this magic.

Academics apart, I had a wonderful stay at Tomsk and I absolutely loved the peaceful environment and the people. I had a great time with my lab-mates. They were generous to take us around Tomsk and I had a cool time exploring the place. A year later, when I reminiscence my days at Tomsk, I can say with a tinge of nostalgia that I loved the whole experience. I would like to thank TUSUR colleagues for helping me a lot and making me feel at home.