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Battery Charge-Discharge Controller for Optimizing Control of Solar Battery Power in Independent Photovoltaic Power Units


First Russian-made charge-discharge controller for optimizing control of accumulator batteries that ensures optimizing control of solar battery power and enhances the efficiency of incident solar energy conversion to 30%, depending on operational conditions of photovoltaic transformers.


  • Accurate control of extreme power values in solar batteries: at least 98%.
  • Transformer efficiency: over 96%.
  • Improvement of energy efficiency ratio: up to 30%.


  1. Highly accurate optimizing control of solar battery power.
  2. Applicability both in continuous solar tracking systems and in fixed solar panel systems.
  3. Applicability in photovoltaic systems with power output of 0.1 to 10 kW.


High-efficiency independent power units used by military bases, mobile and stationary facilities remote from central power systems, and by facilities requiring low-noise power sources.