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Bachelor program "Economic Security"

Program code: 38.05.01

Department of Complex Information Security of Computer Systems

Economic security is the field of science dedicated to the state of economy enabling rather high and stable growth of economic indicators; effective satisfaction of economic needs; governmental control over the flow and utilization of national assets; protection of the country’s economic interests on the national and international levels.

These days legal support in economies is an important part of daily operation for almost any company and organization. All large companies have departments responsible for economic security.

Specialists in this area can apply their knowledge both in public and private sectors of economy. They know how to establish and implement various property protection techniques; identify administrative, economical, technical and legal threats for the company, forefend economic losses; defend the rights of artificial and natural persons, economic interests of governmental authorities, budget system, public and private corporations, banks, investment companies that operate both domestically and abroad.

Throughout their study the students at “Economic and Legal Framework of Economic Security” receive deep training in the field of economy, law, information security which allows them to stay well-informed about the civil, financial, banking and taxation regulations, accounting, taxes, special aspects of formation and utilization of federal and municipal financial assets.