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Master Programs

Master program is the second level in the two-level education system. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or a specialist diploma can be enrolled in the master program. The program takes two years to complete. Master’s degree offers wide career and employment opportunities both in Russia and overseas.
Faculty Major Specialization
Field of study: Mathematics
of control systems
Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Code: 01.04.02
Mathematical Provision and Software for Computers and Computer Networks
Field of study: Economics and management
of economics
Code: 38.04.02
Business Management
of control systems
Business Informatics
Code: 38.04.05
Entrepreneurship and Business in Information Technologies
of economics
Code: 38.04.01
Economics in Entrepreneurship
of control systems
State and Municipal Administration
Code: 38.04.04
Informatization in State and Municipal Administration
Field of study: Instrument Engineering and Optics
of electronic engineering
Photonics and Optoinformatics
Code: 12.04.03
Photonics in Waveguides, Nonlinear and Periodic Structures
Field of study: Electronic Engineering, Radio Engineering and Communication
Electronics and Nanoelectronics
of electronic engineering
Master of Electronics and Nanoelectronics
Code: 11.04.04

Electronic Devices for Collecting, Processing and Displaying of Information

Industrial Electronics and Microprocessor Engineering

Quantum and Optical Electronics

Solid-State Electronics

Radio Engineering
of radio engineering
Radio Engineering
Code: 11.04.01

Radio-Electronic Systems and Devices for Data Transmission

Design and Production of Spacecraft Avionics

Systems and Devices for Signal Detection, Transmission and Processing

Digital Television and Video Information Technologies

Microwave Equipment and Antennas

of radio engineering
Information and Communication Technologies and Systems
Code: 11.04.02

Information and Communication Systems of Wireless Broadband Access

Optical Communication Systems and Information Processing

Radioelectronic Systems for Data Transmission

Electromagnetic Compatibility in Radioelectronic Equipment

Field of study: Automation and Control, Innovations
of computer systems
Control in Engineering Systems
Code: 27.04.04

Automation of Control in Administration, Business and Finance

Computer Simulation and Information Processing in Engineering Systems

Automation and Control in Technology Processes and Production

of innovation technologies
Code: 27.04.05
Innovation Management in Electronics Engineering
Field of study: Informatics and Computer Engineering
of control systems
Software Development
Code: 09.04.04

Methods and Technologies for Industrial Software Engineering

of computer systems
Informatics and Computer Engineering
Code: 09.04.01

Automated Design of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices for Radio Engineering Systems

Dataware for Hardware and Software Complexes

Software for Computer Systems and Networks

Dataware and Software of Automated Systems