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Bachelor Program “Information Security”

Program code: 10.03.01

Specialization: Securityof Automated Systems
Department of Complex Information Security of Computer Systems

Information Security is the field of science and technology that covers a totality of problems associated with information protection. In other words, the concept of "information security" means the protection of the integrity of the information and the legitimate rights of its author/owner.

pecialists in this field are able to identify information and technical resources to be protected; identify potential threats and information leakage; assess vulnerabilities and risks; choose threat-specific security tools; implement selected measures and methods of information protection and control the security system.

Students following this program master hardware and software protection; learn to use legal documents in their professional activities, form a set of measures for information security depending on its legal and economic feasibility. In addition, the competence of Bachelor in this specialization include the installation, configuration and maintenance of hardware and software for information protection; setting up the teamwork according to the requirements for data protection.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at "Automated Systems Security" participate in following development works:

Software development for cellular automata. In this project students are working on a new software tool based on the mathematical apparatus of the cellular automata theory for solving tasks of encryption, hashing and data compression, as well as pattern recognition and steganographic encoding information. New algorithms, aimed at solving the existing data processing problems (including information security), are to be created.

Development of a Crypto-manager for key carriers with electronic signature non-recallable private keys. The applicability of the project is stipulated by the presence on the market of data carriers with unrecoverable private key cryptography "on board" and the lack of user-friendly software tools for working with them. The advantages of the crypto-manager in question are as follows : flexibility, interoperability, greater functionality. Interested entities are Siberia Certifying Center located at TUSUR and its clients, users with non-recallable private keys across Russia.

Development of complex for automated expertise. The device represents an automated system for collecting and analyzing event logs of the OS; browser history; messengers correspondence history; events application files. The complex also detects system network parameters; searches files by name; draws up an installed programs list. The novelty of this software is its ability to combine functions of various research applications.