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Bachelor program “Jurisprudence”

Program code: 40.03.01

Department of Data Protection Law

These days lawyers are one of the most wanted specialists on the labor market. This profession is considered to be prestigious and, consequently, well paid. Any company, regardless of its business area, needs legal support through its own adviser or even a legal department. Qualified lawyers are also sought after by private persons to resolve their private problems.

One of the most exciting areas of TUSUR activities is data security and information protection. Legal support for this is lent by our Faculty of Data Protection Law. Nowadays the data hacking systems and intellectual property protection systems evolve simultaneously. In today’s Russia the legal basis for intellectual property protection has lots of disadvantages, that is why the lawyers who specialize in this area will always be in demand.

Students of this program study the disciplines that are on the fringe of technical sciences and the law: Legal coverage of data security, Law in telecommunications, data protection law, Legal status of nanotechnologies and innovations, Criminal law protection of intellectual property, Legal status of electronic trading and other economic activity in telecommunication systems, Patent law.

Bachelors of Jurisprudence acquire a broad range of competences. Thus, they can be active in legislation, law-enforcement, law protection; crime prevention, detection and investigation; protection of different types of ownership; consulting as to different legal aspects; legal expertise of documents; teaching the branches of jurisprudence.