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2I Students complete the Marketing program at SUNY Empire State College

May 22, 2013

Six undergraduate students of the Faculty of Innovation Technologies of the TUSUR Institute for Innovation have completed a three-month training program at the Empire State College State University of New York.

All of the TUSUR students had excellent academic results, despite facing certain difficulties in communication and in combining their training at SUNY with their degree program at TUSUR. Overcoming the language barrier, they have demonstrated their team spirit and leadership abilities.

For Maria Mikhailovich, a fourth-year undergraduate student, the most challenging task was to build self-discipline in studying a large amount of material and meeting tight deadlines. Moreover, other international students were reluctant to connect with each other, even though they were expected to work as a team. When asked how she managed to complete her SUNY program with excellence while maintaining her high academic performance at TUSUR, Maria says that sense of purpose was key. “If you really want to get somewhere, it’s just something you will do. You will probably have to sacrifice some of your free time, maybe cut down on sleep, but it will be worth it, because every achievement brings an unmatched sense of satisfaction”, Maria says.

Margarita Oschepkova comments on the high quality of textbooks on marketing used in training, as well as interesting case studies. “Case study is what I liked about the program the most. Solving cases was so exciting. For each case we had to study large amounts of literature and prepare a well-substantiated answer. The lowest we ever scored for case study was 97%”, says Margarita.

Having completed the Marketing program at SUNY, the students can now continue their education and apply to Bachelor programs at the University of New York while continuing their Master program at TUSUR.

Source: 2I TUSUR

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