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Afghanistan Student Becomes First Enrollee in 2019 Admission Campaign

July 12, 2019

The first student enrolled to TUSUR University in the 2019 admission campaign is Ahmed Masood Zafar who has come from Afghanistan to study Software Engineering at the Faculty of Control Systems.

Ahmed Masood Zafar has become a student of TUSUR Faculty of Control System and the first student enrolled in the 2019 admission campaign. At TUSUR University, he will be studying Software Engineering.

«I chose this major because I believe that software engineering is a job for the future. Software engineers are in demand around the world, and they can choose to make a career in any country of the world. As a high school student I was programming in C++ and I continue to study new technologies and build my experience,» says Ahmed.

He says that his choice of TUSUR was motivated by the personalized approach to students’ needs that will boost their growth as future professionals. «I chose TUSUR University because it’s not a place where you can become invisible, and so you will be driven to do your best in your studies», he says.

Ahmed enrolls to TUSUR after completing a pre-university course, with his outstanding results acknowledged in a Letter of Gratitude from the Tomsk Region Duma.

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