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An agreement was signed to establish the Russian-Vietnamese Radioelectronics Research and Educational Center at TUSUR

December 14, 2010

The Russian-Vietnamese Radioelectronics Research and Educational Center was established at TUSUR in December 2010. It was created on the basis of TUSUR Department of Design and Production of Radioelectronic Equipment and will serve as the Tomsk office of the research and production enterprise specializing in development of high-tech materials — NAPROTECH (Vietnamese Academy of Sciences).

TUSUR has been cooperating with NAPROTECH for a number of years in the field of polarization meteo-navigation radars and air-traffic control systems, as well as in training of the Vietnamese specialists.

As the Tomsk office of NAPROTECH, this Research and Educational Center will focus on training highly-qualified personnel, carrying out cutting-edge scientific research and implementing scientific and technology projects in the field of radioelectronics and radiolocation. Its efforts will be aimed at timely development of advanced equipment in Vietnam and Russia.

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