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Interns from India defended their projects on July 3

July 07, 2014

Every year TUSUR University welcomes international students from many different countries who come to Tomsk to gain new knowledge and skills in IT, control systems, radioelectronics, innovations and management.

This year TUSUR has hosted interns from India – Roshni Digumoorthi and Srilekhya Reddy Meda, two third-year students of SRM University, came to Siberia from Chennai. The girls say that they have first learned about TUSUR while looking for a radioelectronics university where they could do summer internship. At their home university the girls study electronics and instrument engineering and have experience in projects focusing on automation and design of radioelectronics and control systems.

“We simply googled “internship in radioelectronics” and the first search result was a link to the website of TUSUR. We decided that internship in a Russian university would be a very unique experience for us”, says Roshni.

The girls have spent a month working with their projects at TUSUR, they have been studying new mechanisms and systems and completing the tasks set for them by their supervisors, and on July 3 they defended their projects.

Roshni has been designing an ultrasound distance meter data-collecting module for a drone hexacopter under the supervision of Senior Lecturer of the Department of Innovation Management, Faculty of Innovation Technologies, Dmitry Medvedev. Srilekhya has been working in the Laboratory of Intelligent Computer Systems at the Department of Computer Control and Design Systems, Faculty of Computer Systems. She has been designing a SiGe HBT-based differential amplifier for radio sensors.

Project supervisors speak highly of their interns from India, noting their high intelligence, commitment and motivation and praising their ability to quickly pick up new information and master new complex design tools. Both Roshni Digumoorthi and Srilekhya Reddy Meda got excellent grades for their work and good recommendations from their project managers.



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