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Master Student Defends Thesis Under TUSUR-Ritsumeikan Dual Degree Program

August 11, 2017

On August 3, a Master student of TUSUR Faculty of Innovation Technologies defended his thesis in front of a joint TUSUR-Ritsumeikan panel under the inter-university dual degree program.

The TUSUR-Ritsumeikan program was the first Russian-Japanese dual degree program in engineering. It offers a unique opportunity to students of TUSUR University to obtain their degree in English and gain invaluable professional experience studying abroad. Upon completion of the program, the students obtain two Master degrees: one awarded by TUSUR, and the other awarded by a leading Japanese university – Ritsumeikan University, without extending the duration of their studies.

In 2017, Nikolay Shumilin has completed his training under the dual degree program and defended his Master thesis by presenting his project An Interactive Environment for Programming Language Education Using Chain Learning.

«Today, it is a serious challenge for a novice in software engineering to find reference literature that is relevant and well-written: most often it is outdated. In my project I made it a priority to create a learning environment for children, so that they can start building their knowledge from a young age,» says Nikolay.

Interactive environment-based learning includes several stages. As of today, Nikolay has completed the development of the beginner levels where young students will learn how to develop their own software and see the structure of the code. Nikolay Shumilin plans to continue developing his project at the next level of his education, as a PhD student.

The joint dual degree Master program was launched in 2014 at the TUSUR Faculty of Innovation Technologies.

TUSUR University and Ritsumeikan University have been partners since 2011. The two universities have implemented numerous joint research and academic projects in robotics, medical electronics and social technologies.

  • Master Student Defends Thesis Under TUSUR-Ritsumeikan Dual Degree Program
  • Master Student Defends Thesis Under TUSUR-Ritsumeikan Dual Degree Program

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