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Presentations by TUSUR delegates were of great interest for Beijing symposium participants

April 07, 2009

TUSUR delegates made three presentations at the international conference-symposium PIERS-2009 (Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium), which took place in Beijing in late March.

The conference was organized by the International Academy of Electromagnetism, and about 800 researchers and scientists from all over the world made their presentations. Postgraduate student of the Department of Radio Engineering Systems (TUSUR Faculty of Radio Engineering) Elena Voroshilina prepared her presentation together with her research supervisor associate professor v. I. Tislenko, and presentations of the fifth-year students of the Department of Radio Engineering Systems v. Gromov and P. Polyukhovich, prepared together with their supervisors — professors G. S. Sharygin and B. P. Dudko, attracted great audience interest.

PIERS — «Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium» is an international forum where participants inform each other about progress and latest achievements in various fields of electromagnetic applications. Topics range from direct current, radio frequency, SHF, and radio wave propagation to diffraction, dispersion, resonance, applications for energy and power transfer, and photonics.

News source: Professor G. S. Sharygin, Head of the Department of Radio Engineering Systems
Photo: news.source.bjtu.edu.cn

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