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Technological contest started at School to University Educational Center

December 12, 2008

Contest School Imagine Cup, started at the beginning of December, is one of the first joint projects of corporation Microsoft and School to University Educational Center.

The contest is conducted online. Participants, registered at portal Itrdom, will have the opportunity to study some mini-courses, to develop own project with the help online-designer and then to add it to the contest. For realization School Imagine Cup at the portal Itrdom have already launched all necessary services. Participants of the contest should publish their projects till 20 February. Then viewer’s voting will be organized. The top ten will move next round. After the second round jury will name the winners of the contest, who will go in Moscow at the final of Imagine Cup. The best projects will be awarded with presents from Microsoft. All participants of the contest School Imagine Cup will receive diploma.

«Imagine Cup» is the first-rate technological contest in the world. About 200 thousand students from different countries participate at this annual student competition. The contest, organized with the assistance of Microsoft and other companies and nonprofit organizations, has been held since 2003. The contest helps to show and develop abilities of young people in the IT sphere and to widen communication between students all over the world. Also it promotes new achievements in technological progress and development of IT sphere.

Source of news: Itrdom.com

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