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The first International Summer School opens at TUSUR

September 17, 2014

On September 8 the first International Summer School “Innovations in Information and Communication Technology” welcomed its students from Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto) and Epitech (Paris). A total of 10 international students will take the program.

The Summer School program will be held September 8 to 21. During these two weeks the students will hear lectures by professors and experts from TUSUR University, learn about the innovation-support system of Russia and the innovation infrastructure of TUSUR, get to know the University’s success stories and its entrepreneur-students. The students will also visit companies of the TUSUR UNIC network and the Tomsk Special Economic Zone, and study the Russian language, culture and traditions.

The International Summer School program is held entirely in English and is coordinated by the TUSUR Center of Training for International Students and supported by the TUSUR Institute of Innovation, Department of Automated Control Systems, Department of Industrial Electronics and Department of Electronic Devices. The International Summer School is one of the activities of TUSUR University designed to position it on the international market of education.

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