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To enter the university helps portfolio

June 03, 2008

Graduates of School to University Educational Center have chance to become student of TUSUR after portfolio contest.

There was no such a project in the system of Russian higher education. As Igor Dmitriev, director of “School to University Educational Center”, says realization this innovation project has become available due to effective cooperation Educational Center with TUSUR.

Portfolio contest gives the opportunity to graduates of School to University Educational Center to enter TUSUR free of charge. Idea about joint realization of portfolio contest by School to University Educational Center and TUSUR has appeared thank to initiate of Yury A. Shurigin, First Vice-Rector and the Head of Department of computer systems in TUSUR management and designing, and Alexander F. Uvarov, Vice-Rector on Economics.

Lately all the universities of the country pays attention to entrant portfolio more and more, - tells Alexander Uvarov. - Nowadays portfolio of graduate of School to University Educational Center is not only visual evidence of graduate achievements, but also good opportunity to become a student of our university.

In order to take part at the contest graduate of School to University Educational Center should send the query letter to draw a portfolio to the Educational Center. Besides list of documents, confirming his/her achievements graduate should provide the following information:

  • graduate achievements during all his/her life: diplomas, certificates and other documents;
  • services and rewards during the study at School to University Educational Center: list of certificates and diplomas;
  • average grades of credit card of School to University Educational Center graduate.

After entrance exams at TUSUR graduates of School to University Educational Center could be accepted to the university basing not only on the results of exams, but also on portfolio contest.

TUSUR is ready to help talented and gifted graduates. Basing on portfolio contest we will interview senior pupils, - underlines Yury Shurigin. – Besides portfolio, we will take into account average grades of school leaving certificate. Graduates of School to University Educational Center, who receives in the final analysis maximum grades, will be accepted at four specializations: “ Innovation”, “Jurisprudence”, “Control and Informatics in Technical Systems” and “Computer aided design systems”.

Portfolio is personal achievement collection of senior pupil during the study period, including certificates, diplomas at the competitions, conferences and seminars, and also personal developments and projects.

Source of news: “School to University Educational Center”

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