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TUSUR Develops and Installs Tomsk’s First EV Charging Station

August 18, 2017

Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics has developed and installed a low-power electric vehicle charging station, the first such facility in Tomsk.

The EV charging station was developed by Xtronik, a resident of the TUSUR Student Business Incubator. The project is an important step forward in development of Tomsk as a smart city, and it will be an important contribution to the creation of a pollution-free urban environment.

Xtronik leader Semyon Shkarupo says that the global sales of electric vehicles show a 40 % annual growth. Electric vehicles produce less noise, have good dynamics and are highly reliable. Many residents of Tomsk would be interested in purchasing an EV as its «fuel» makes it a cost-efficient mode of transportation. At the same time, the absence of charging stations in Tomsk restricts movement of such vehicles around the city, as most owners can charge their EVs only in their garages.

The engineers say that their charging stations will be available both for private and for municipal customers. They will be powered by the city mains and their electric supply meter will allow their owner to monitor their expenses.

«In the future, we would like to install our charging stations in numerous public places around Tomsk: near cafes, business centers, administrative buildings. Charging stations do not have the safety restrictions that gas stations have as they are equipped with short circuit protection. We hope that this project will be an important contribution to the adoption of electric transportation in our city,» says Semyon Shkarupo.

The station is operating near TUSUR Student Business Incubator at 147 Krasnoarmeiskaya street.

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