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TUSUR enters into new agreements on international academic exchange programs

November 21, 2013

The International conference on university partnerships in academic exchanges in the EU ended its work in Limoges, France, on November 16.

For four days universities from France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Canada, US, UK, Ireland and Russia were working in ENSIL, a higher engineering school in the University of Limoges (ranked 35th in the national ranking of engineering universities in France), discussing their internationalization programs and planning further measures to improve their international competitiveness through academic partnerships. Participation of the TUSUR delegation was financed by the EU grant.

Gennady Kobzev, Head of the Division of International Cooperation, TUSUR, says that the university has reached a new agreement with the Institute of Technology of the University of Limoges on the development of a double bachelor degree program in Innovation Management. Students from TUSUR will have a chance to get a bachelor diploma from both TUSUR and the University of Limoges after spending one to two semesters in Limoges.

Maria Afanasyeva, deputy director of the Russian-French Center, TUSUR, says that during its visit to France the TUSUR delegation has negotiated to:

  • form new partnerships with the University of Turin (Italy), Higher School of Engineering in Nancy (France), CRETECS Institute in Bruges (Belgium),
  • increase the number of students joining academic exchange programs at TUSUR and the University of Limoges,
  • intensify academic exchange programs with the Higher School of Innovation and Informatics (Paris, France).

Source: Division of International Cooperation

  • TUSUR enters into new agreements on international academic exchange programs

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