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TUSUR Rowers Among Top 10 Indoor Rowing Teams

February 21, 2019

For the third year in a row, TUSUR University serves as a venue for the Student Rowing League. After completion of the third division stage of the Сoncept 2 winter rowing championship, the TUSUR student rowing team is now among the top 10 teams in Russia.

«This year, winter rowing events are held in five stages, hosted by several venues, one of them TUSUR University. The final, sixth stage will be held in Saint Petersburg. Last year, the TUSUR rowing team came in first in the classic race and relay race, demonstrating a high speed and rate of rowing», says coach Valentina Yakimenko.

The TUSUR rowing tank hosted 2,000 m and 1,000 m team races, 250 m sprint and 4*250 relay rowing events. Dmitry Kolesnikov (Faculty of Electronic Engineering) came in first in the men’s 2,000 m race, also leading in sprint rowing. Kseniya Orlova (Faculty of Computer Systems) finished first in the women’s 2,000 m race and Svetlana Ivanichko (Faculty of Electronic Engineering) came in first in sprint rowing.

In contrast to classic rowing, in indoor rowing each athlete performs and earns stripes individually. On open water, the key advantage is in team work and performance, while indoors the athlete’s strength training is most important.

As a top 10 team, TUSUR rowers perform on a par with athletes from military schools where a great part of curriculum is reserved for physical training. Despite the intense competition, the University’s athletes continue to fight for leadership and qualification for the final, the coach says.

The next, fourth stage will be held on February 22—23 and will include 4,000 and 6,000 m races. Students competing in the indoor rowing championship represent a total of 50 Russian universities – members of the Student Rowing League.

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