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Bachelor program "Business Informatics"

Program code: 38.03.05

Specialization: IT-Entrepreneurship
Department of Data Processing Automation

IT-Entrepreneurship is a new direction in science the emergence of which was inspired by the acutest deficiency of qualified graduates in Russia who could develop complex programs and arrange business in IT-sector of economy.

The specialists in business informatics shall be able to develop software, conduct marketing researches, set strategies of how to promote software projects and raise sales. Also, the domain of their competency comprises consulting of investigation and analysis of technological and informational infrastructure of the company; IT servicing and content management.

The unique nature of the education obtained by Business Informatics student is also in the synergy of knowledge from technical and human sciences. Basic disciplines are mathematics, programming, economics, management, programming projects management. The emphasis is placed on architecture development and software development for electronic business. Participants of educational process are leading specialists of TUSUR and Tomsk IT companies: LLC Tomsksoft, LLC Garant Tomsk Legal Agency, Web studio Nicolas Group, LLC OpenTeam. Knowledge and skills obtained by the students are polished at trainee jobs and field training in these companies. Our graduates often get job offers from the companies where they did their field training.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue with the following Master degree programs: "Business process modeling and business operations optimization"; "Entrepreneurship and business in Information Technologies"; "Program engineering and software project management".

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL).

Students at "Business Informatics" participate in following development works:

Consulting for innovative projects. This is a unique project that consists in giving the students an opportunity to start their own consulting business. Generation of business plans, business models and carrying marketing researches – package of services that the students can render within the frameworks of the project.

Development of informational analysis pattern for the region’s energy efficiency. This project is intended to resolve the tasks of evaluation and analysis of the energy efficiency in the region based on interpretation of data obtained in monitoring of energy system. Social-economic result from usage of this project is anticipated to find its expression in the increased adequacy of evaluation with due consideration of territorial properties peculiar to particular municipal districts. The project is of great interest for the Tomsk Region Administration (Department of Economics, Committee on Energy Efficiency)