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Bachelor Program “Control in Engineering Systems”

Program code: 27.03.04

Department of Computer Control and Design Systems

This program is focused on design of automation instruments and controls for technical facilities and engineering complexes.

Specialists of this area perform development, design, manufacture, setup and operation of automation systems, establish up-to-date software and hardware controls, technical diagnostics and industrial testing of system automation and automated control, they are capable of controlling complex technical objects and manufacturing processes.

Future bachelors study modern Windows- and Unix-like operation systems, informatics and programming languages, complex software design technologies, principles and procedures for web-application development and development if applications for Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS and other operating systems, data base control systems, techniques and languages of artificial intelligence, basics of electronics and electrical engineering, methods for design of human-machine quality control systems and different control systems.

We have special classrooms fitted with modern equipment and laboratory test-beds imitating actual processes, and our students learn to develop automated control systems for oil and gas pumping systems, intellectual traffic flow control systems, industrial controllers and robotic technical systems, ore processing systems for metallurgical factories, systems of intellectual control over household ("Smart home") and other control systems for household and industrial use.

Moreover, students at “Control in Engineering Systems” from the very first year of their study participate, in the scope of their field studies, in serious development tasks at the companies from Tomsk Region, Russia and neighboring countries (LLC SME Tomsk Electronic Company, LLC Production automation, LLC Elkom+, CJSC EleSy, LLC NGO Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical Company, LLC Chemical Gas Complex of Novyi Urengoy, LLC LUKOIL-INFORM, Schlumberger company and others).

Graduates of this specialization are capable of performing all works related to development and introduction of computerized process control systems (design, installation and setup activities), manufacturing of controls and panels (industrial controllers and preassembled control cabinets), servicing of any automation systems.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the “Control in Engineering Systems” Master degree Program (programs: “Computer-aided engineering and information processing in technology systems”, “Control automation in administrative, commercial and financial areas”).

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL).

Students at “Control in Engineering Systems” participate in following development works:

Development of intellectual home systems. Within the framework of their projects the students design intellectual home environment in a standard apartment. Intellectual home environment comprise heating system, power supply system, water metering system (cold water, hot water, water discharge). Information is displayed on smart phone or tablet PC. The market weight of such system is measured by the list of equipment that has maximum compatibility with the gadgets owned by the customer.

Development of methods and camera vision devices for self-contained objects. The students develop the camera vision system to observe astronomic bodies based on video data. Novelty of this device is the possibility of long-time autonomous observation of astronomic objects using the platform position adjustment. The platform has cameras attached. Observation is made using the video analysis. This sort of development is made for scientific purposes.