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Bachelor Program “Control in Engineering Systems”

Program code: 27.03.04

Specialization: Control in Robotics Systems
Department of Computer Control and Design Systems

This program offers professional training in robotics, mechatronics, automation systems for engineering facilities and organizations.

Graduates can deliver the full cycle of robotic system engineering from idea to industrial implementation, including development of robotic system components, control algorithms, overall system setup; create modern software and hardware automated control systems, can control complex engineering objects and production processes.

The program curriculum includes computer science and programming languages, industrial control programming, elements of robotics, basics of electronics and electrical engineering, methods of artificial intelligence, modern Windows- and Unix-like operating systems, SCADA-systems, principles and tools for development of web-apps and applications Android, Windows 10, iOS, etc., database management systems, methods for design of man-machine control systems.

Working in specialized classrooms equipped to simulate real robotic systems and technological processes, students learn to design industrial controllers and robots, automated systems for oil and gas transmissions, intelligent systems for traffic management, control systems for ore preparation for metallurgical production, intelligent control for robotic systems and smart homes, etc.

Practical classes allow students to start contributing to development of robotic and control systems as early as in their first year, working in support of real project for industrial enterprises from Tomsk region, Russia and other countries.

Many instructors delivering classes for this program are leading electronics, software and control system engineers at industrial enterprises in Tomsk and other Russian cities. Students benefit from their first-hand practical knowledge based on their professional experience in the industry. The fundamental principle of the program is to rely on real-life projects and latest software and hardware tools, which is made possible through close cooperation with some of the leading global microchip and automation technology manufacturers (Milandr, STMicroelectronics, TexasInstruments, Atmel, NationalInstruments). That allows recent graduates an easy adaptation to work in the industry.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the Control in Engineering Systems Master degree program (specializations: Automation and Control of Technology Processes and Production, Computer Simulation and Information Processing in Engineering Systems).

Participation in real projects

Instruction at TUSUR University utilizes the principles of project-based group learning.

Students pursuing a degree in Control in Engineering Systems contribute to a number of fascinating projects:

Design of robotic systems. Within this project, students design and intelligent mobile robot controllable from a dashboard, web app, smartphone or tablet. The market value of the project is in the list of equipment compatible with the gadgets owned by the customer; the scientific value is in the development of efficient control algorithms.

Design of intelligent home automation systems. Within this project, students design intelligent home space for a standard apartment. Such intelligent home space includes heating control, power and water consumption control, intelligent robot vacuums and robot assistants. Information should be displayed on a smartphone or tablet. The market value of the project is in the list of equipment compatible with the gadgets owned by the customer.

Development of methods and devices for machine vision of autonomous objects. Students develop a surveillance system (e.g., humans, astronomical objects, vehicles) using a video stream. The resulting device delivers long-term surveillance of moving objects by adjusting the position of the platform that holds the cameras based on analysis of camera images. The project is carried out for research purposes.

These and many more projects are used in the curriculum of the Control in Engineering Systems program, and any student may propose a new one that will be used in project-based group learning.