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Bachelor program "Economics"

Program code: 38.03.01

Specialization: Banking and Finance
Department of Economics

According to statistical data based on opinion polls, applicants consider the diploma of high economic education as one of the most desired ones.

Prestige and demand for higher economic education is proven by data frequently published in Forbes.

In order to become a good economist, one should obtain a wide spectrum of knowledge. The economist should be able to analyze, plan and economically support financial and business performance, create measures to provide for economizing and increase efficiency. The economist also takes part in the events connected with budget planning. Along with that, he/she should be capable of analyzing great quantities of information and know how to use computer technologies for these purposes. Education received at TUSUR University’s Faculty of Economics allows mastering all these competencies.

Professional cycle of Banking and Finance program is composed of the following disciplines: International economics and international economic relations, taxes and taxation, economic analysis, financial and economic evaluation of investments, financial markets, banking, financial management, state and municipal finances, insurance, business cost estimation, financial risk management, accounting and analysis, marketing, management, statistics, econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and others.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the “Economics and Business Management” Master degree program.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL).

Students at “Banking and Finance” participate in following development works:

Usage of marketing data when making managerial decisions. The scope of the project includes design of modernization patterns of marketing decision making with due consideration of marketing activities run by CJSC RPC Micran.

Creation and business development by young specialist. The basis of this project is development of creation and functioning of business, acquiring of problem solving skills. We also investigate economic parameters for creation of small business, stages of its creation, registration conditions, and financial aspects of its creation.

Optimization of tax burden borne by organizations. The students study the ways to minimize the tax burden, learn how to choose the optimum taxation system.

Specialization: Accounting, Analysis and Audit
Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics

Any company that conducts business and other operations that entail financial transactions must maintain accounting records. And that makes accountants essential personnel in any sectors of the economy.

A major trend in accounting today is its rapid automation. E-document management and specialized software serve to reduce the routine workload of the accountant and to upgrade the requirements to accounting strategy at the enterprise. The program in Accounting, Analysis and Audit offered by TUSUR University trains graduates to become skilled users of a wide range of professional software products and to contribute to the development of such software, which will be a valuable professional skill for most successful companies that prefer to engineer their own accounting and control systems.

An accountant must be able to keep records of property, liability and business operations, use specialized software, organize document flow in individual accounting areas, ensure documentation and recording of business transactions, identify sources of losses and non-productive expenses, propose measures for expenditure reduction and optimization.

In addition to the basic accounting functions, graduates with a degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit are able to deliver information support of company management, creditors, investors and other recipients of the accounting records, analysis of their company’s business and finance, tax calculations and relations with tax authorities and private funds, etc.

All of that is taught at the TUSUR Faculty of Economics, from the perspectives of both theory and practice.

The degree course offers a variety of classes in international standards of accounting and reporting, industry accounting, management accounting, audit, specialized accounting software, etc.

Master degree

Bachelor program graduates can pursue a Master degree in Economics.

Participation in real projects

Instruction at TUSUR University utilizes the principles of project-based group learning.

Students of the degree program Accounting, Analysis and Audit can contribute to a number of fascinating projects:

Optimization of the tax burden of the enterprise. The project is focused on analysis of accounting records, calculation of the tax burden of a specific enterprise and its optimization.

Optimization of enterprise costs. Students have an opportunity to apply their knowledge to identify sources of losses and non-productive expenses in an enterprise, analyze their findings and formulate proposals for prevention and optimization of such losses and expenses at a specific enterprise.

Tax burden optimization. Students study the ways to minimize the tax burden and learn to select the best mode of taxation.

These are only a few of the projects available for students enrolled in this program. Moreover, any student may propose their own project and implement it with their own team.

A Bachelor degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit from TUSUR University will become a valuable asset in your career and boost your competitive ability in the job market.