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Bachelor Program «Informatics and Computer Engineering»

Program code: 09.03.01

Specialization: Information and Software Support of Software and Hardware Complexes of Robotic Systems
Department of Innovation Management

Employment opportunities

Mastering the educational program allows graduates to work as:

information technology testing specialist,

process robotics specialist,

robotic systems programmer,

artificial intelligence systems designer,

robotic process analyst,

robot control neural interfaces designer,

information systems specialist,

information technology project manager,

system analyst.

The faculty carries out constant interaction with specialized enterprises engaged in the development of software and information systems, automation of technological and production processes, development of wired and wireless communication systems, development and production of robotic systems using artificial intelligence technologies (JSC "EleSi", JSC "NPF "Mikran", LLC "NPO "Polyus", LLC "Infomatics", LLC "NPP "Optimum", LLC "Elcom+", LLC "Intek" and others).

Relevance and significance of the program

In the modern world, robotic systems are actively included in various fields of activity: in high-tech industries, various industries (oil and gas, medical, automotive, space), are used in the military-industrial complex. We are talking not only about software and adaptive robots, but also about intelligent robots that are designed to solve intellectual tasks, in addition to performing physical and motor functions. In order for robots to be able to quickly solve a wide range of complex tasks, it is necessary to develop appropriate software for them, providing for the volume and structure of the robot's knowledge, its ability to perceive information and comprehension, as well as the robot's learning ability.

This requires the training of highly qualified IT specialists who have the skills to design, develop and program modern robots, characterized by the complexity of the control information and computing system, including elements of artificial intelligence.

Students acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to create and program information and control systems of robotics.

The purpose of the program is to train specialists in the field of IT technologies who are freely oriented in modern problems of robotics, able to adapt to solving various scientific, engineering and technical problems related to the development of control algorithms, software, design of robotic systems, to develop skills in the effective use of modern technologies in the creation and programming of information and control systems of robotics.

Graduate’s expertise and skills

Knowledge of modern information technologies, the use of modern computer-aided design tools and machine graphics in the design of robotics

Compilation of mathematical and computational models of robotic systems

Development of software for information processing and control in robotic systems, as well as for their design

Development, diagnostics and configuration of telecommunication devices and data transmission networks

Development of embedded software for microcontrollers

Debugging and implementation of software in industrial robotic complexes

Participation as a performer in the research and development of new robotic complexes

International career

Graduates of the program receive a high-quality engineering education, providing opportunities for work around the world. The university has double degree programs with foreign partners. All this contributes to the international competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.