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Bachelor Program "Information Systems and Technologies"

Program code: 09.03.02

Specialization: Analytical Information Systems
Department of Economic Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics

There is nowadays a growing need in specialists capable of using technologies of information collection and processing to make our lives easier and more convenient. It is now a high time for choosing an innovative specialization in the information systems and technologies sphere.

Specialists in information systems and technologies are engaged in research activities, design, implementation and support in the field. In their professional activity they deal with: information processes, technologies, systems and their networks, their instrumental support, approaches and methods of design, debug, production and exploitation of information technologies and systems in different areas of human activities.

The major program includes special courses to prepare students for careers in such areas as data processing computerization, trade processes automation, innovative approaches in education programming support and others.

The unique combination of knowledge in computer technologies, programming, operational systems, multimedia technologies, complemented with economical knowledge in management and marketing allows our graduates to become in-demand professionals both in Russia and abroad.

During their education, students study programming languages (C, C#, Java, VB, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.); learn to design applied software and databases for various industry spheres; develop manuals for information systems usage; calculate expenses for new product creation, estimate its cost; execute the debugging of new software before its release.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the Informatics and Computer Engineering Master degree program.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at "Analytical Information Systems " participate in following development works:

Prognostic economic modeling. This research belongs to the sector of applied mathematics that is, on one hand, still one of the least studied due to its extreme complexity, but on the other – a very important one, because it plays a determinative prognostic role in many different human activity areas, including economics. Students apply classical approaches for prognosis accuracy and dependability determination as successfully, as develop their own models, which is attested by diplomas of different scientific conferences.

Android mobile applications development. Today, the vast majority of mobile devices are run under the Android platform, which stimulates the further development of the software market. This includes computer games, multimedia, educational, navigational, and geoinformational programs. The applications, developed by our students during their project work, are available in Google Play.

Time-series pattern identification for the states of controlled objects. Research in this area is focused on dynamic objects based on a coordinate reconstruction of a complex object with an incomplete analytical description. The results of student research are used when designing powerful electrical engines, freight trains breaking systems etc.