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Bachelor Program "Information Systems and Technologies"

Program code: 09.03.02

Specialization: Computer Technologies in Radio Engineering
Department of Radioelectronics and Data Protection

Employment opportunities

Extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and skills acquired during training will allow graduates to work successfully in the following professions:

project manager in the field of computer technology;

developer of software tools in C/C++/C#/Python languages;

programmer of microcontroller systems;

developer of intelligent systems;

circuit designer (circuit engineer);

developer of design and modeling systems;

designer of radio-electronic means;

developer of C/C++/Python;

design center specialist (radio electronics, microelectronics);

developer of control systems;

research engineer in the field of applied radio electronics;

software tester.


The daily life of modern society, both at home and at work, is connected with the results of joint developments of radio engineering and computer technologies, ranging from smartphones and ending with process control systems in critical industries (energy, military, space, etc.). Their creation requires the formation of teams consisting of specialists in computerization, programming, radio engineering et al . So, for example, when creating electronic means, not only the development of electronic circuits is required, but also the subsequent programming of their elements. However, at present, only a small part of specialists can possess such interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Therefore, domestic enterprises are in dire need of such highly qualified specialists. This program is dedicated to their preparation.

Features of the program

The training program focuses on computer and engineering sciences, information technology, as well as the creation of technically complex systems and methods of managing them. The peculiarity of the training is the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of computer modeling, creation of software using various programming languages, system analysis, design of information systems, radio engineering, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.