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Bachelor Program “Innovation”

Program code: 27.03.05

Department of Innovation Management

The higher education program “Innovation” is intended for highly qualified professionals who will be able to control innovation and innovative projects. Innovation is interdisciplinary area of knowledge about the essence of innovative activities, arrangement and control thereof in different fields starting with natural sciences and ending with social-economical ones. Due to this there are three sets of disciplines taught to the students: natural sciences, engineering and technology, human sciences, social and economic sciences and special managerial disciplines. Studying of this disciplines gives the students all competencies in the field of engineering, technology, economics, management, legal support of innovative activities, especially, innovative project management. Accordingly, all practices, research, term papers and thesis are of interdisciplinary character.

Innovative activity serves quite particular functions, but it differs greatly from traditional field practice and business activities. That is why special education in innovation provides for implementation of deployment of novelties and drastically increases the positive effect of innovations.

Professionals in the field of innovation management are qualified to resolve very important task of enabling a link between education and science, science and production, theory and practice. Establishment of such link is one of the priorities for Russia. This is why such educational program as “Innovation” is so relevant. Innovation is a key compound in development of new economy type - economy of knowledge.

Educational program "Innovation Management in Electronic Engineering" rests upon key concepts of the innovative project. Basic disciplines are those that enable the life cycle of the innovation project from the idea to its realization: System analysis and decision making, Decision algorithms for non-standard tasks, Marketing in innovations, Economic theory, Basics of economic evaluation, analysis of the project's economic attractiveness, Theoretical innovation, Innovative activity management, Innovation technologies.

“Electronic” specialization in Innovation Management in Electronic Engineering is provided by special disciplines: Solid-state electronics, Basics of microelectronics, Sensors and measuring instruments, programming of microcontrollers, Theory of automated control, Basics of mechatronics and robotics. These disciplines give students a deep understanding of such subject matter as “electronics and electronic devices” and enable the graduates of Innovation program to manage innovation projects in this sphere effectively.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue with the Master program “Innovation Management in Electronic Engineering”.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at “Innovation Management in Electronic Engineering” participate in following development works:

Development of products for IP-television. The students' daily job is to enable television broadcasting all over the world. Other project activities: invention of multiple bit rate broadcasting, peering technology support; adaptive broadcasting. The project provides for multiplication of customers by means of modernization of Telebreeze Corporation web site. Telebreeze Corporation is a television provider and it is interested in fulfillment of this project.

Research of 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M0 processor using the experimental board Nu LB NUC140 (Nuvoton Technology Corporation). Within the scope of this project students develop software for the test-bed that simulates the work of four-rotor aircraft. The developed software package will be used to create full-range controllable multirotor unpiloted aircraft. Institute of Innovation at TUSUR University and Nuvoton Technology Corporation are interested in fulfillment of this project.

Development of HEXAPOD terrain unpilotable universal robotized platform. Main objective of this project is to economize on the INTEK Company achievements. The project tasks are to modernize the marketable navigation devices produced by INTEK Company according to the market requirements, improve the software. LLC Intek is interested in fulfillment of this project.